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Surgical Caliper is a specifically designed instrument used for measuring bones and other parts of the body during surgical procedures. These are typically handheld instruments with movable frames and auxiliary scales for accurate measurement. AAAZ Instruments understands the sensitivity of surgical procedures and aims to develop surgical tools and instruments that support the accuracy of the medical procedures. Therefore, we manufacture surgical calipers with high-grade stainless steel and achieve precision in our manufacturing through our complete computerized facility.

AAAZ Instruments brings a range of surgical tools and instruments to assist surgeons worldwide in their practice. With our efficient R&D, we are capable of manufacturing a variety of devices with high accuracy. Our surgical tools are of high quality and thoroughly quality assured.
We are proud to have one of the largest CNC workshops in our facility that helps us design and manufacture surgical calipers to the utmost accuracy. Imported from the best in class companies in the UK and Germany, our fully computerized manufacturing facility is equipped to handle large orders and customized designs in bulk.

We accept orders from across the country and beyond the borders of Pakistan. Please request our catalogue to view the full range of surgical calipers and other instruments we manufacture.

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