Cotton Swab Forceps

Expert Cotton Swab Forceps Manufacturers

AAAZ Instruments have a complete range of cotton swab forceps for use in major surgical procedures in operation theatres or minor procedures in daycares, emergency wards or hospital procedure rooms. They are used to hold cotton, swabs of cotton, sponges, gauzes and dressing or bandages. Every medical facility, whether big or small, uses cotton swab forceps. It is a majorly demanded tool by the medical and nursing industry. AAAZ Instruments offers various types of cotton swab forceps.

Our complete range of forceps includes dressing forceps, sponge forceps and sinus forceps. We craft forceps in different shapes, sizes and finishes to assist the growing needs of the medical industry.

Cotton Swab forceps have serrated ends, either straight or looped and ring handles similar to a scissors handle. The finish of the tips and handles is of most significance as their comfort level helps the nurses perform their job comfortably and quickly.

We manufacture high-quality forceps with a smooth finish and standard dimensions that are comfortable to carry and handy for regular use. Our instruments are crafted with pure-grade stainless steel and finished with high-quality metal plating. All of our tools are sterilize-able and durable for use over years. We accept custom orders and bulk orders.

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