Dermatologist Tools

Ensuring Quality in Dermatological Procedures

AAAZ Instruments offers an extensive range of tools and instruments for the medical industry, and dermatology is no exception. We are among the experienced dermatologist tools manufacturers providing dermatologists with specialized tools and instruments for years.

Dermatological tools are usually small-sized instruments used for handling soft tissues and are easy to maneuver. Common tools like curettes, scalpels, scissors, skin hooks, hemostats, needle holders, and forceps are used in every dermatological surgery or procedure. Given the minute and intricate nature of the procedures pertaining to the skin, hair and nail, the dermatologist’s tools must be precisely built, accurately dimensioned and properly weighted. AAAZ Instruments manufacture various dermatologists’ tools with accuracy and precision.

Our tools are made of solid stainless steel, which adds weight and durability. In addition, the sharpness and bluntness of the edges as and where needed is ensured through computerized manufacturing so that every tool is created with state-of-the-art dimensions and design.

AAAZ Instruments is a well-established entity among dermatologist tools manufacturers near Sialkot, Pakistan. Our instruments qualify for the international standards in medical devices. We wish to keep growing our product base by adding new instruments to our product list. Please order our complete catalogue to view the full range of products that we offer.

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