Surgical Forceps Instruments

Encompassing Complete Range of Surgical Forceps

Forceps are the primary tools for surgical procedures. They are used to hold or retract the skin, tissues, teeth, or other parts during procedures where human fingers or hands cannot be used. Forceps surgical instruments are essentially used in major surgeries as well as minor operations. They are purpose-built to grasp the sponges while cleaning the skin or stabilize tissue during a procedure and help perform a number of actions with their specific shapes. Each forceps is designed to perform a different function. The usability of forceps is based on their size, shape and functioning.

AAZ Instruments manufacture a wide range of forceps surgical instruments with your customized brand names.

We are an experienced surgical forceps manufacturer offering forceps of various types used to perform different surgical procedures. We offer a complete range of Dissecting forceps, Tissue forceps, Splinter forceps, Micro forceps, Cilia forceps, Microscopic forceps and other types of surgical forceps. Our forceps are appropriately sized, weighted and balanced to support steady grasp and accurate retraction during a procedure.

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