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Obstetricians deal with all aspects of pregnancy, from prenatal care to post-natal care. This is a specialized field different from gynaecology related to women’s reproductive health.

Obstetrics tools are widely used in hospitals, emergency rooms, mother and child care centres, clinics and private practices. These are a set of wide-ranging instruments, including various tools for different purposes ranging from forceps to dilators to speculums. We are among the trusted obstetrics tool manufacturers providing high-quality, specialized obstetrics instruments to clients in Pakistan and abroad.

Obstetricians need to examine and treat their patients on an urgent basis due to the uncertain nature of their patients’ conditions. They work with tools to save their patients from any hospital-borne infections because pregnant women are prone to catch more than usual infections due to compromised immune systems. For such a sensitive nature of their work, obstetricians use specialized tools and instruments for every part of their job, from regular examination to major surgeries.

Among the Obstetrics tool manufacturers in Pakistan, AAAZ Instruments is an established name with over two decades of experience. We offer a wide range of Obstetrics instruments to support doctors and paramedic staff in performing their job efficiently. Our tools are made with pure-grade stainless steel and manufactured with high-tech CNC machines that ensure the quality, efficacy and usability of the instruments.

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