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Retractors are commonly used in almost every major surgery performed on any body part. They are used to separate the skin, manipulate the edges of a surgical incision or wound, and hold back internal organs during surgery. The retractor surgery instruments typically have two or more opposing ends in a curved, hooked or angled blade shape. Each retractor instrument is used for a different purpose. This is a steel instrument with a technical design to assist in the surgical process. Our instruments are safe to use as we make sure to use only surgical-grade stainless steel to manufacture retractors and all other instruments.

AAAZ Instruments is proud to offer a wide range of retractors. We are also among the few retractor caliper manufacturers in the country with a large in-house CNC facility. This high-tech manufacturing plant and expert staff’s rigorous supervision of the process ensure the excellence and finesse in all types of instruments we manufacture.

Our retractors can be used by Certified Surgical Assistants, Registered Nurse First Assistants, Physicians Assistants, or Surgical Technologists who may assist surgeons in the process of retraction.

We offer reliable manufacturing and export services to clients locally and globally. For a complete catalogue, Get in touch with us.

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