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Urology equipment comprises bladder instruments, catheters, catheter introducing instruments, circumcision instruments, hilar retractors, prostatectomy instruments, urology forceps clamps and hooks, urethrotome instruments, urology scissors and urology scoops. The classic urology instruments help urologists expertly perform their job without causing pain or discomfort to the patients. However, some tools like catheters are used without anesthesia which may cause discomfort, but good quality devices and skilled hands may ensure minimum pain. Urological procedures are performed in hospitals, emergency rooms and private practices. These include procedures pertaining to the urinary bladder, urethra and kidneys.

AAAZ Instruments offers a range of urology instruments for sale and export to wholesale and retail clients. Our tools are made under rigorous supervision and go through stringent quality checks before delivery. We make sure that our instruments are made as per the exact measurements, design and angles manufactured with surgical-grade stainless steel and other metals. In addition, our raw materials and post-manufacturing finishes further enhance the finesse of the tools and make them long-lasting. Our instruments can be used by urologists, surgeons, doctors, medics and trained nursing staff. We offer manufacturing and export services and accept custom orders. Please contact us to view our full range of surgical instruments.

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