Groove Range Shaving Kit

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Groove Range Shaving Kit

Our Groove Series Shaving Kit defines the depth of Haryali London’s brand and its principles. The idea of the Groove derives from the unique and comprehensive history of the Haryali Brand. The impeccable design stands tall with the stainless-steel base along with a high quality chrome finish. The main body of the design has been manufactured with a high quality resin for a luxury feel during your shaving experience. This series is designed for the groovy shavers who like to marvel in the depth of their shave. Groove Range Shaving Kit is an elegant shaving kit. 

The groove shaving kit series is available for purchase in the following colour range: 

  • Black – Ivory – Black/Red 

This shaving kit series features a range of items such as: 

  • Groove shaving brush – Groove shaving razor – Groove shaving stand – Shaving soap – Shaving bowl 

The Groove Shaving Brush is available for purchase in the following hair: 

  • Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush – Superior grade of badger hair, which provides enormous water absorption for a rich lather. 
  • Super Badger Shaving Brush – Super Badger has luxurious dense hair with soft tips which provides luxury lather for even the most sensitive skins. 
  • Synthetic Silver Tip Shaving Brush – Vegan friendly option with synthetic fibres which replicate beautifully blended features of Silver Tip Badger and Synthetic brush. 
  • Synthetic Black Shaving Brush – The superior nylon bristles provides a quick lather with a small amount of soap. They dry faster, hence easy to maintain. 

The Groove Shaving Razor is available for purchase in the following razor-compatible options: 

  • Double Edge Razor Compatible 
  • Triple Edge Razor Compatible 
  • 5 Edge Razor Compatible