Curette / Universal

Sickle scalers: Sickle scalers are strong instruments that remove large calculus deposits. A sickle scaler 2 cutting edges per working end. Sickle scalers may be used on all aspects of the tooth crown, facial, lingual, mesial and distal. The working end is triangular in cross-section. Each of the lateral surfaces meets the face at an internal angle of 70 to 80 degree.

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Blades are sharpened on both sides. Blade curved at 90 degree to shank with a rounded toe. Designed so that the working ends can be adopted to all tooth surfaces of all regions of the mouth with one double ended instrument.

The Langer curettes combine the shank design of the gracey curettes with the 90 cutting edge of the universal curettes, edged on both sides. As the Langer curette 1-2 is applicable for the treatment of lower bicuspids and molars, and the Langer curette 3-4 for upper bicuspids and molars, as well as the Langer curette 5-6 for upper and lower front teeth, the model 17-18 is especially adapted for all surfaces in the area of upper an lower jaw, specifically at small stoma.

  • After-5 and Mini-5 terminal shanks are elongated bay 3mm for pockets and root surfaces of 5mm or more.
  • Blade is 10% thinner than standard langer to ease gingival insertion and reduce tissue distention.
  • Mini-5 has a reduce blade, half the length of the After-5 or Standard Langer, for better adaptation in narrow pockets and furcation