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Hair Cutting Shear Professional Hairdressing Scissor With Leather Pouch

6 Inch Hair Scissor:

Haircut / Mustache scissors: Elegant style haircut scissors give a perfect cutting without damaging or splitting hair ends. Have sharp blades for a quality cut. These blades don’t get dull.

Prevents strains: Unique easy-grip handle design reduces fatigue when using a long time. Ergonomic handles design allows pain-free easy hand movement. Designed with the aim of meeting the wants of any stylist that demands excellent performance.

Sharp Edge: The razor of the scissors is concave from outside and convex from the inside makes it sharp and durable. Suitable for dry and wet hair cutting.

Ergonomic handles and adjustable screws: This arc-shaped handle scissors are super lightweight that make sure your fingers feel comfortable. Have adjustable screws with easy opening and closing makes haircut scissors perfect for beauticians.


Material: stainless-steel 
Length: 6 inches. 
Color: Black
Leather Case
Adjustabe Screw