Professional Black 6″ Hairdressing Thinning Scissors Hair Cutting Shears Set

Premium Quality Scissor

Professional right-handed barber scissors for everyday use and salon cutting. This scissor is drop-produced from a solitary bit of fine-quality stainless steel. This specific review of steel permits warm treatment to a Rockwell hardness, which holds the cutting edge for a long time.

Remarkable Performance

With a length of 6.0”, barber shears are safe and simple to use on men, ladies, the elderly, youngsters, and children. With a smooth stainless steel surface, our scissors lessen chaotic hair jumbles as no hair gets in the middle of its trimming and diminishing edges

Ergonomic Top Design

This particular top-notch hair cutting scissor is a hand-sharpened cutting edge to equally trim hair effortlessly. In addition, our scissors are extraordinary for salon laborers, barbers and fit for home users too.

Sharp, Smooth & Efficient

This shear is developed from Japanese stainless steel with black powder coating on it that holds its sharp edge up to 5x longer than standard stainless steel. These predominant edges will never bolt up or get dull, ensuring an impeccable cut without fail and adjustable tension screw which makes it customized for use.

Full Satisfaction Warranty

Buy with 100% confidence because we take pride in our craftsmanship and item quality. Each combination of scissors experiences our strenuous QA tests. This gives us the certainty to offer full satisfaction warranty to all customers on our products.