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London 6.5 & 7” Hair Cutting Barber Thinning Scissors

Long Description:

Professional Hair Cutting Shears Scissors is made with the Latest Design high-quality stainless steel with black plating on it. Professional use as well as personal use.

Hair scissor set measures 7-inch Hairdressing Scissor and 6.5 Hair thinning scissor which contains handcrafted long cutting blades for smooth & precise cutting. These Hand-crafted blades provide optimum control and balance is perfectly adapted to every skin type. Their thin, curved blades make them precise and manageable to eliminate all cuticles

Its professional coating prevents the steel from rust. Perfect beauty accessory

Professional Hairdressing Scissors, Extremely sharp blades for a clean-cut, will not damage hair ends Handcrafted, made from Japanese steel

They are also known as barber scissors, hairdressing scissors, or hair scissors. Hair-cutting scissors are significantly sharper than other scissors and designed specifically for cutting hair.

The tips of the teeth are sharp enough to prevent the hair from being caught by the scissors These hairdresser scissors can be easily tightened and loosen with the help of adjusting screw as needed. Be cautious not to over tighten or over loosen the adjuster of these barber scissors as this could damage the shear.

Good Hairdressing scissors is always a good investment and will be your one-time investment which will last forever. It comes in a sealed box with an attractive carrying case that is small enough to be carried in bags.