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Natural & 100% Pure Organic 10ml Wood Oil For All Types of Wood – Protect Against Scratches

Natural & High-Quality Wood Oil 100% Pure Organic 10ml For All Types Wood – Wood Oil Protects Against Scratches

`s wood Oil has been formulated to finish any wood surface as well as re-oiling wood for maintenance. A time tested and proven blend of natural oils and resins, it penetrates deep into all interior and exterior wood and dries to provide a hard, durable, but highly attractive gleam finish.

Our wood oil maintains and protects any type of wood. Provides water & dirt resistant barrier for protection from staining and easy cleaning.

How to use:

All unfinished wood pieces should be prepared by sanding before applying a finish to it and removal of all dust particles. Sanding will reduce surface scratches on the wood which will minimize drying time and will also provide a more even shine. Apply the oil with clean rag, microfiber cloth or kitchen paper. Rub plenty of oil into product and proceed to apply the 2 and 3 coats. Before wiping off any surplus. Oil the product at regular intervals.