Vase Super Badger Shaving Brush

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Vase Super Badger Shaving Brush

Embracing the idea of sustainability to the core, this purely natural brush made with high-quality badger hair is a zero-waste, wood and metal badger hair shaving brush. Fine wood and stainless steel finsh with grey badger hair knot reflects our expertise in the craft of brush making. It is the best shaving brush for the shavers willing to live a sustainable lifestyle. Badger hair is naturally sourced and is an inherently coarse hair that works on the skin like a massager and exfoliates the dry skin cells leaving the skin fresh and clean after every shave.

For the best shaving experience, use our wooden brush and bowl. Keep in an airy place installed upside down in a brush holder for drying.

This Men’s Brush is from our wooden range. We also have solid wooden shaving brushes. Pair with a wooden brush stand from our store to complete your zero-waste shaving brush set.

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