Thunder Synthetic Black Hair Shaving Brush

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Thunder Synthetic Black Hair Shaving Brush

offers this majestic design in organic resin and pure-grae stainless steel with metal plating. The high-quality materials make ti a durable and ong lasting synthetic shaving brush. Majestic black color with black synthetic hair creates a beautiful combination that is also super smooth to shave with. Synthetic bristles dry quickly after wet shaving and are easy to carry. Hence, this is a great travel shaving brush. Add this thunderous men’s shaving brush to your everyday shaving regime.

Wash properly after use and keep in a shaving brush stand to make the synthetic hair last longer. Use our shaving soap and brush for a glorious shaving experience.

This synthetic shaving brush is from our Thunder Range shaving kit. Pair with a razor and brush stand from this range to complete the bold and beautiful shaving brush set.

Other colors available in this shaving brush are:
Black – Ivory – Red – Blue – Red&Black

This shaving brush design is also available with the following hair:
• Silvertip Badger Hair
• Super Badger Hair  
• Synthetic Silver Tip Hair

To choose your best shaving brush, please visit our store for other options. We also offer synthetic brushes with:
• Wooden base
• Metallic base
• Other exclusive designs