Haryali’s Vase Synthetic Black Hair Shaving Brush

Haryali’s Vase Synthetic Black Hair Shaving Brush

Haryali London presents this wood and metal range synthetic shaving brush with black hair. We designed this high-quality shaving cream brush to enhance the beauty and comfort of a shaving cream brush that can also be used as a travel shaving brush. Synthetic hair dries quickly and easily after wet shaving. The subtly bulging center of the brush is ergonomically designed, and the fine wood and metal finish make it the best synthetic shaving brush for a sustainable lifestyle.

Wash properly after use and keep in a shaving brush stand to make the synthetic hair last longer. Use our shaving soap and brush for a perfect shaving experience.

This wooden range shaving brush is also available in different colors. Pair with a razor and brush stand from the wooden range to complete your sustainable shaving brush set.

This shaving brush design is also available with the following hair:
• Silvertip Badger Hair
• Super Badger Hair  
• Synthetic Silver Tip Hair

To choose your best shaving brush, please visit our store for other options. We also offer synthetic brushes with:
• Complete wooden base
• Metallic base
• Other exclusive designs