3 Edge Shaving Razor – Black

3 Edge Shaving Razor – Black 

3 edge shaving razor for men and women in black combines minimalism and innovation. The plain black metal plating exudes finesse of craft, while the high-grade metal and steel finish adds the exact weight and balance to the design needed to render a smooth shave. The standard 3 edge razor blade is easily replaceable. This elegant 3 blade razor with a thin grip and a bulging tail is an ergonomically designed shaving razor for women and men fit for everyday use.

This black 3 edge razor is one of our best razors for women. It is from the Vase Range Shaving Kit by . Pair it with other articles from our Vase Range shaving set to complete your personalized razor set.

The Vase Range Shaving Razor is also available in the following colors
Ivory – Gold Antique – Maroon Antique – Silver Antique

We have an extensive range of individual razors for men & women and complete men’s razor sets. To choose the best razor for men or women, please visit our store to view the entire collection.

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