3 Edge Shaving Razor – Green

3 Edge Shaving Razor – Green 

emerald green 3 edge shaving razor for men and women is a stylish addition to our shaving razors collection. Designed to reflect versatility, this beautiful green shaving razor is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in hand during wet shaving providing a smooth and spoiling shave every time. This special 3 blade razor might be the best razor for men and women who like to add an element of elegance and luxury to their everyday life.

The standard 3 edge razor blade cartridge is easily replaceable. It is also one of our best razors for women because it is safe and minimally abrasive to the skin, provided it is used with care.

Pair it with other articles from our store to complete your personalized razor set

We have an extensive range of individual razors for men & women and complete men’s razor sets. To find your favorite shaving razor for women and men, please visit our store to view the entire collection.

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