Wooden Cut Throat Razor

Wooden Cut Throat Razor

Wooden Cut Throat Razor in the stylishly angled wooden handle is a sustainably designed shaving razor. Hand assembled with ultimate care, this pure grade stainless steel and metal blade with a swing lock design is flexible and durable for wet shaving. Slightly thinning centre of the handle and subtly curved uter edge makes it easy to hold and shave with.

This is the best razor for men who are inclined to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. This straight shaving razor for men can be moved at any angle to shave into hard-to-reach places and get the desired look.

Our one blade razor has an easily replaceable razor blade and it works best with the blades of all brands. Pair this wooden straight razor with a wooden straight razor stand from our collection to complete your cut-throat razor set.

• Rinse with water after use and dry thoroughly

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