Plastic Handle Straight Cut Throat Razor

Plastic Handle Straight Cut Throat Razor – Green
This light green high-grade plastic straight cut throat razor is impact-resistant, water-resistant and highly durable. The smoothly curved handle in a plain finish and precise razor blade is produced and hand assembled by our industrious craftsmen in view of the diverse tastes and preseferences of our shavers. This plain green single blade razor furnishes accurate shave and customized styling needs of the bold shavers who use manual shaving kits for beard grooming and styling.

This one blade razor works with every brand’s razor blade. Snip the double edge blade in half and load it in the holder.

This is the best razor for men with a distinct taste and class. Pair this straight edge razor with a straight razor stand from our collection to complete your cut throat razor kit.

We have an extensive range of razors for men and women. To view other options, please visit our entire collection.
Other colors available in the plastic handle straight cut-throat razors include::
• Black Handle
• Maroon Handle
• Grey Handle
• Ivory Handle
• Red Handle
• Blue Handle

Other designs included in Straight Cut Throat Razors are:
• Wooden Straight Cut Throat Razors
• Steel Straight Cut Throat Razors