Butterfly Safety Razor – Black

Butterfly Shaving Razor – Black 

butterfly safety razor in black is an innovative form of style, luxury and experience. With a classic black grooved handle in high graded plastic and heavy stainless steel head, this unique butterfly safety razor is well-balanced and well-shaped to serve the bold and quick shavers. A long tapering tail end of the handle and subtly bulging grip proves immensely handy while swiping across the skin and elevates the shaving activity a notch by reducing human effort and increasing the speed of shaving. This single blade razor is specially crafted for the fast and close shavers who like to make the most out of their time and effort.

This elegant steel butterfly safety razor from men’s safety razor collection is a great addition to the Safety Razor Kit. Pair it with other shaving tools for an enhanced experience.
Perfect and safe for everyday use, this is a suitable face razor for women and undoubtedly one of the best razors for women. Specially crafted for all personal styling and grooming needs, it deserves to be titled the best razor for men.

Being a single blade razor, this universal design perfectly fits shaving razor blades of all brands.

We have an extensive range of double edge and butterfly shaving razors for men and women. To choose your best safety razor, please visit the entire collection.
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